What is your monthly income goal?

This value should be the amount of money you hope to arrive in your bank account by the end of each month after all fees and taxes have been paid.

How many hours do you work in a day?

How many days do you work in a week?

How much are you taxed on income?

This percentage value should reflect the amount applied to your Gross income to arrive at your Net income.

How much of a buffer do you need?

If you work on a platform like Fiverr, you may need to add a buffer to your income to account for fees.

How much of a premium do you want to charge for smaller jobs?

When clients hire you for less time, you're taking more risk. You should charge for this convenience by scaling your rates based on how much time you're being hired for.


Montly£4200+ 0%£2100£6300
Weekly£1116+ 15%£558£1674
Daily£244+ 25%£122£366
Hourly£36+ 45%£18£54

Your Rates